- Freefall is temp under maintenance due to mother nature

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Kenosee Lake

Highway Directions

Twister Slides



2015 Opening Date - Thursday June 11th!

Closing date Sunday August 30th, 2015.

Directions to Kenosee Lake visitors should be aware that this summer there is major Hwy construction on Hwy #48. We suggest if travelling east to the Kenosee Northern Route: Hwy #1 to Whitewood and then south on Hwy #9. Southern Route: Hwy #33 & #13 to Carlyle and north on Hwy #9.


The Health Department has admitted that they had not done a health-related water test on the water at Kenosee Superslides when they released the recent false and unwarranted water safety alert. There isn't now and never had been a waterborne health risk. Subsequent water health tests have proven it.

All slides are fully operational.
Come and enjoy the waterslides knowing that they are free of any water-related health risks.

Kenosee Superslide Board of Directors