- Freefall is temp under maintenance due to mother nature

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Kenosee Lake

Highway Directions

Twister Slides



We are now closed for the season

Thank you for your patronage and we hope to see everyone in 2015.

Directions to Kenosee Lake visitors should be aware that this summer there is major Hwy construction on Hwy #48. We suggest if travelling east to the Kenosee Northern Route: Hwy #1 to Whitewood and then south on Hwy #9. Southern Route: Hwy #33 & #13 to Carlyle and north on Hwy #9.


The Health Department has admitted that they had not done a health-related water test on the water at Kenosee Superslides when they released the recent false and unwarranted water safety alert. There isn't now and never had been a waterborne health risk. Subsequent water health tests have proven it.

All slides are fully operational.
Come and enjoy the waterslides knowing that they are free of any water-related health risks.

Kenosee Superslide Board of Directors